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Control & Starting Panel

Comfortable system operation by checking visually, as well as power saving and safe operation.

Dryer Filter

You can get pure compressed fluid without any impurities by using this filter on the discharge or suction parts and it is also easy to exchange and clear the Elements.

Suction Filter & Silencer

Reduces the noise from air suction, and is useful in connecting to the compressor or vacuum pump.

Rings & Packing

We guarantee a long lifetime of the piston rings and packings by precise manufacturing and carefully selected materials.


We have all kinds of valves to satisfy the customers' various desires.

Structure & Special Features

Auto Drain Trap

To prevent corrosion and clogs in the pipes by moisture and oil, the air temperature is cooled down to the same temperature with the water. Then the moisture and oil are discharged through the Auto Drain Trap.

minimize reduction

The after cooler is designed to minimize the reduction of the pressure. The size of the pipe is 5/8".

easy use

Easy cleaning, maintenance and repairs.

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