gas technology compression

gas technology compression

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With the world’s best technology and best quality,
we will be wherever you need us.

GTC Co., Ltd. has been leading the development of compressor technology and globalization over the past 40 years, and has been solidifying its status as a leading domestic compressor manufacturer by achieving endless technological development and quality innovation.

In particular, to solidify our position as a gas compressor manufacturer, all of our employees will make every effort to produce products, and we will make our status as a specialized company with the best technology, the best quality and the best service.

We will do our best to become a company that meets the expectations of our customers, and we look forward to your loving interest and advice so that we can become a leading company in the compressor market not only in Korea but also in the world.

Gas Compression

With the world's best technology,
we prepare for a successful tomorrow with customers.

GTC started in 1975 machine tools. In 1981, GTC began designing & manufacturing compressors,
within a short period of time, became a leading-manufacturer of compressors in the Korean market. 

Today, GTC manufactures, designs, markets and services all types of business for compressors.
As all of us at GTC prepare to take advantage of the opportunities in the 21st century,
we are guided by our corporate mission of achieving and maintaining a definitive global leadership in the domestic
and international markets. We are recognized as a customer-oriented company who provides system solutions for comprassors.
Thank you for expressing interest in GTC and I encourage you to take a closer look and see what we can offer you in the world of compressors. 


Gas Technology Compression

Hydrogen refuelling stations represent another interesting application for metal hydride hydrogen compressors,
strengthened by the rapid development of fuel cell vehicles in recent years.

service network

Overseas partners in the U.S., Chile, China, Iran, Indonesia, U.A.E., Thailand, etc.

Technology Development

Installed the best H2 high pressure gas compressor in Korea (450 HP x 69 kg/㎠) / Operates without replacement of other parts for 24,000 hours of compressor continuous operation time (2 years 9 months) / Korea's first ultra-high pressure air compressor manufacturing and installation (200 HP x 200 kg/㎠)


GTC's unique know-how accumulated over 30 years through R&D activities / It is receiving good reviews from leading domestic and overseas companies including Korea Electric Power Corporation, POSCO and IHI.

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With the world’s best technology and best quality,
we will be wherever you need us.