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32[포항]POSCO 2고로 Utility _ Inter Cooler 추가 (GVC-190LA-2W) file Level 82024-03-2519
31GVC-1203 Unloader Ass'y 신규설계 file Level 82024-03-2010
30GVC-902 Compressor Spare Parts file Level 82023-08-24131
29포항_POSCO 3주선기 file Level 82023-04-06232
28STS 2제강 N2 Compressor Wiper Ring 신규 file Level 82023-03-22226
27[포항]POSCO_STS2제강 Ar Compressor (GVC-902) [1] file Level 102022-04-13426
26[포항]POSCO_STS2제강 N2 Compressor (GVC-899) file Level 102022-04-13306
25GVC-110L AIR COMPRESSOR file Level 102022-04-13279
24[POSCO]GVC-0902 Ar COOLER ASS'Y file Level 102022-04-13238
23[POSCO]연주 GVC-0899 N2 COOLER ASS'Y file Level 102022-04-13215
22GVC-1554(110L) Air Compressor file Level 102022-04-13224
21[포항]POSCO_3COKES Assembly DWG file Level 102022-04-13225
20POSCO 소결_Inter Cooler & After Cooler file Level 102022-04-13243
19[POSCO 광양] GVC-1374 1가연로 file Level 102022-04-13217
182제강 N2 Compressor (GVC-976) file Level 102022-04-13279
17[POSCO] 50HP SUCTION FILTER ELEMENT file Level 102022-04-13236
16[포항]POSCO_2제강LF GVC-1936 AIR COMPRESSOR PARTS & DWG file Level 102022-04-13244
15[포항]POSCO_ STS3제강 GVC-1632 Gas Compressor Parts & DWG file Level 102022-04-13236
14POSCO_ 2~4소결 GVC300L Compressor file Level 102022-04-13269
13포항 POSCO 1고로 신규 file Level 102022-04-13253
12포항_2제강 Ar Compressor file Level 102022-04-13232
11GVW-375MA COMPRESSOR PARTS LIST file Level 102022-04-13244
10[POSCO] 2고로 PCI AIR COMPRESSOR file Level 102022-04-13252
9[POSCO]2고로 PCI AIR COMPRESSOR 375MA file Level 102022-04-13242

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