Changwon University (President Ho-Young Lee) announced that it had signed an industry-academic cooperation business agreement for the advancement of hydrogen energy industry and nurturing of human resources in the conference room of the university headquarters on September 16th.

At the MOU ceremony held on this day, △Changwon Mayor Huh Seongmoo △Changwon Industry Promotion Institute Director Baek Jeonghan △Changwon University President Lee Hoyoung △Hydrogen Convergence Alliance Promotion Team Director Yoon Yeokwang △Hydrogen Energy such as Howon Jeong, Executive Director of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction △Junyoung Park, Executive Vice President of Doosan Fuel Cell △Youngshik Jung, CEO of Beomhan Fuel Cell △Wonjin Lee, CEO of GTC Employees of related companies attended.

Through this MOU, nine industry, academia, and government cooperate to foster hydrogen industry experts with the goal of energy conversion and industrial advancement, and it is expected that the hydrogen experts needed for the industry will be produced in Changwon.

The main contents of the agreement are △Administrative and financial support related to business operation △Establishment of a cooperative system with companies and research institutes △Exchange and cooperation of human and material resources.

Changwon University, Changwon City, and Gyeongnam Province foresee the importance of nurturing hydrogen experts to support the transformation and advancement of the hydrogen energy industry, and have been providing 100 million won each year to the Changwon University Hydrogen Energy Specialization Graduate Project Team from 2020.

Changwon University President Ho-young Lee emphasized, “We will do our best to fulfill the public character and accountability given to Changwon University so that Changwon, the mecca of Korea’s machinery industry, can be reborn as the capital of the hydrogen energy industry.”

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