Zinc pigment

metal pigment chemical industry which focuses on
corrosion technology with zinc powder.


Zinc pigment

GTC has been dedicating to research on excellent zinc pigment, and now is continually supplying high-quality products


product usage

Shipbuilding, Hevy industry, Automobile industry, Steel industry, Construction, Steel-related industries: Used as an ingredient in anti-corrosion Coatings.
More than 50% of anti-rust paint composition consists of zinc dust. We supply zinc to internal and external major anti-corrosion paint manufacturing companies.

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Zinc Dust

High-quality/High purity /High function Anti-Corrosion Performance is excellent.


Zinc powder with an average particle size of 1 ~ 9 ㎛ used for rust preventive paints such as steel structures.

Packing Unit

25 kg PP Bag/20~40 Pail Can/500 kg PP bag

**Lead (Pb) can be adjusted to less than 100 ppm.


Zinc Flake

High-quality/High purity /High function Anti-Corrosion Performance is excellent.

Corrosion Protection Propertion of Zinc Flake

Because of their lamellar shape, zinc flakes have a fundamentally higher specific surface area than spherical zinc dust. The correspondingly higher binder content is decided by formulations with lower pigment volume concentration. As a result this provides advantages for both handling of pigments and paint properties.

  • Packing Unit : 25kg PP Bag / 20~40 Pail Can / 500kg PP Bag

advantages of Zinc Flake coat

  • Less zinc content in paint (higher binder content)
  • Improved edge/corner protection and flexibility due to higher binder content
  • No blistering
  • Smooth surface
  • Lower weight
  • Greater flexibility
  • Better adhesive property with substrate
  • Good overcoatability
  • Low porosity and permeability
  • Metallic appearance
  • Significantly less tendency to settle
  • Easily re-stirrable sediment

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